Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1999 Retrospective: American Pie

PopMatters is currently running a retrospective on the most memorable films of 1999 (both a banner year for movies and the year of the site's inauguration). Gross-out comedy being my forte, I submitted a short piece on American Pie.

"Ten years down the road and we can thank American Pie for giving us the screen debut of Seann William Scott, popularizing the comic styling of Eugene Levy (which paved the way for the success of Fred Willard and John Michael Higgins), raising awareness of the primarily northeastern-viewed Lacrosse, and dispersing the cheeky acronym MILF upon the world—a contribution to adolescent lexicon that I daresay will survive from generation to generation."

Click here to read my entry on American Pie at PopMatters (Scroll to bottom half of the page)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Magic Eye: A review of Henry Poole Is Here

"Ultimately, the film isn’t religious enough to be shown in Sunday school, but has enough of a Christian bent that if it were a book it would be shelved in the Christian Inspiration section. "

Click here to read my DVD review of Henry Poole Is Here at PopMatters